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My approach to training uses solely ethical, force-free and positive reinforcement-based methods.

Positive dog training centres on the use of positive reinforcement and avoids methods involving intimidation or physical punishment. Positive reinforcement involves rewarding desired behaviours.


Rewarding these behaviours makes them more likely to be repeated in the future. This is widely considered the most effective and humane method of dog training. Positive reinforcement makes training a fun and enjoyable process and shows our dogs what to do, not just what not to do.

This approach also considers the sensory experience and point of view of the dog. I believe that the connection between dog and owner can be incredibly powerful, and positive training methods help to foster and strengthen this bond. In turn, subsequent training is facilitated by the connection you have with your dog.


Dogs’ sensory experiences are closely linked to their emotions, and therefore their behaviour. Understanding the world as experienced by your dog can help to understand the behaviours they are showing and the best way to address them.

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