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Puppy Foundation Training Classes - 6 sessions - £120
Now taking bookings for classes beginning on Saturday 2nd March, 11am

Get your puppy off on the right paw! Our Puppy Foundation training classes cover key behaviours such as sit, lie down, recall and walking on the lead as well as problem prevention. Learn about how dogs learn, dog body language and the best way to communicate with your puppy. With opportunities for safe socialisation and entirely force-free, ethical methods, our classes help to build confident, optimistic puppies who enjoy training!

Puppies can attend as soon as they are vaccinated and cleared by your vet to interact with other vaccinated dogs.

Life Skills: Intermediate - 6 sessions -
Now taking bookings for classes beginning on Saturday 2nd March, 12pm

Got the foundations but ready for more? This class is for you. We build on your dog's existing training to improve reliability and accuracy, working with increased precision and around greater distractions. 

We also look at some additional Life Skills behaviours such as an 'Emergency Stop' and distance control.

Dogs can attend from the age of 6 months onwards & there is no upper age limit.

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Behaviour Consultations

I am qualified as a behaviourist with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Behaviour (IMDTB). Behaviour consultations involve a discussion of your dog’s history and behaviour, usually carried out at your home to ensure your dog feels relaxed, as well as practical assessment of the behaviour issue in question. Instead of a quick fix, we will aim to uncover the root cause of the behaviour (the ‘why’) and work from there, offering behaviour modification plans and exercises to address the behaviour (the ‘how), rather than just cover up the symptoms. Every dog is a unique individual and so the approach taken will be tailored to their, and your, needs. Behaviour issues covered include: resource guarding, nervous or fearful dogs, noise phobias and separation difficulties. If this sounds right for you, please get in touch to discuss scheduling and pricing.

Image by Austin Kirk
Pre-Puppy Consultation – 1 hour, £35

Bringing a new puppy into your home is incredibly exciting but can also be a bit daunting! If you are considering getting a puppy, or are preparing to welcome one into your lives, the pre-puppy consultation can help. Taking place at your home, this session can cover topics such as choosing a puppy, preparing your home and garden for their arrival, equipment you may need, what to do when you first bring your puppy home, house training tips and more!

Image by Bill Stephan
Puppy One-to-One Training Sessions – 1 hour, £50

One-to-one puppy training sessions are a great alternative to group classes, offering a more individual and focused approach, as well as greater flexibility in scheduling. These sessions can take place at your home or out and about and cover content including ‘Sit’ and ‘Lie Down’, recall, loose-leading walking, socialisation and handling. These sessions are always tailored to the needs of you and your dog to ensure they are as beneficial as possible.

In addition, one-to-one sessions to focus on a specific behaviour can be a great addition to group classes. Examples of such behaviours include jumping up, pulling on the lead or difficulties with recall.

Image by Charles Deluvio
Adolescent/Adult Dog (6 months+) One-to-One Sessions – 1 hour, £50

Training isn’t just for puppies! These sessions are tailored to the needs and wants of you and your dog. Through ethical, positive and force-free methods, we can cover behaviours such as loose-lead walking, housetraining and recall or address any specific issues you may be facing. The first of these sessions will usually take place at your home, offering a familiar environment in which your dog can meet me, and giving us the opportunity to discuss your wants and needs from training. Any further sessions can take place at your home or out and about.

Image by Baptist Standaert
Rescue/Rehoming One-to-One Sessions – 1 hour, £50

If you are rehoming a dog, these sessions can help to make the adjustment as smooth and easy as possible for both yourselves and the dog and cover any questions or concerns that may arise. These sessions can take place before your new dog arrives to ensure you are properly prepared, and/or after your dog has come home.

We can cover content such as the following:

· Foundation training (behaviours such as recall and lead-walking)

· Tackling unwanted behaviours the new dog may show (e.g. chewing furniture)

· Housetraining

· Introductions to your family and home, including children and other pets

· How to read your dogs’ body language and respond if they appear nervous or fearful

· Socialisation with other people and animals, and different environments

Image by Andres Arbelaez
Image by Jairo Alzate
Rehoming Package: £157 (15% discount compared to booking sessions individually)


· A pre-arrival consultation to ensure you are prepared for your new dog joining the family, as well as what to do when you first bring them home

· 3 x 1hr rescue/rehoming one-to-one sessions following their arrival, covering any aspects such as those listed above which are relevant

· Support by phone and email during the settling-in period

Puppy Package: £157
(15% discount compared to booking sessions individually)


· A pre-puppy consultation to help you choose a puppy and/or to ensure you are prepared to bring your new puppy home, as well as how best to settle them in to your family during the first few days

· 3 x 1hr puppy foundation training one-to-one sessions at your home once your puppy has arrived

· Support by phone and email during the settling-in period


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